Pre-Op Instructions

Eating & Drinking
Do not give anything to eat or drink for 8 hours before your child’s appointment. Patients scheduled for morning treatment should have no food or liquid after midnight. Those scheduled for afternoon treatment may have only clear liquids at breakfast – this should be consumed no later than 8 hours before treatment time.

Prescription medications should be taken as scheduled unless advised otherwise, and may be taken only with a sip of water. Consult your physician and inform our office.

Short sleeves or no sleeves are desirable and it is suggested that pants be worn along with comfortable flat shoes. Bring an extra change of clothes and a blanket.

Change in Health
A change in your child’s health, especially the starting of a cold or fever, is a contraindication for anesthesia. Inform the office of any changes in your child’s health as soon as possible.

A responsible adult must accompany your child.

Getting Home
Patient must be accompanied by a responsible adult at the time of discharge. Do not plan to take a bus or taxi. Arrange to have a responsible person spend the rest of the day with the patient. California law requires passenger seat restraints (car seat) for all children under the age of four years or weighing less than 60lbs.

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